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Leadership DevelopME, LLC exist to serve both individuals and groups by using successful leadership principles and strategies to develop the ME (Mind & Execution).
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Client Testimonials

  1. Dr. Grant's presentation on cultural diversity not only informed my work practices but also my personal interactions with others exclusive of my work assignment. Employees, of not only law enforcement agencies, will certainly benefit from her fun, energetic, and informative delivery.
    Monee Bailey, Senior Probation Officer
  2. Lawanne' Grant is a premier consultant; collaborating and galvanizing the faith community toward voter awareness, reducing mass incarceration, and controlling gun violence. We've partnered with her for over 10 years being fully confident that Dr. Grant is a leader's leader.
    Michael McBride, Director of PICO National Network
  3. Dr. Grant of Leadership DevelopME, LLC, guided our executive team in a two-day retreat where we accomplished strategic planning for the coming year. The atmosphere was energetic, fun, yet focused on the final outcomes.
    Kimberlyne Roundtree, Primary Care Solutions
  4. We had the privilege of learning from Lawanne’ as she served AFG as a direct consultant for 12-months. We were challenged to examine our personal leadership style and provided strategies to engage the young adult population in which we were assigned. One word for our experience...PHENOMENAL!
    James and Randi Richard, AFG Department Leaders
  5. I simply cannot say enough about the efficiency, diligence and professionalism exemplified by Dr. Lawanné S. Grant and the Leadership DevelopME team. As a first-time author, I was hesitant and doubtful at the beginning of this process. However, Dr. Grant is the consummate motivator and encourager. She believed in my dream and walked me through a seamless process from start to finish! I can't wait to start my next project!
    Chantelle L. Bittings, LCPC, NCC
  6. Dr. Lawanne’ Grant & the Leadership DevelopME team has provided M. Andrew Davis Ministries the upmost professional service. Beyond the professional services that Leadership DevelopME offered, the team also provided the best customer service in terms of hospitality and meeting deadlines which has been a scarce service for me when it comes to other publishers. The team offered marketing strategies and has offered post publishing consultant. Therefore, I proudly recommend any writer to allow Leadership DevelopME to serve as their publisher.
    Dr. M. Andrew Davis
  7. Dr. Grant provides the strategic planning and execution of our annual leadership summit. Just when we think it can't get better, she's heightens her delivery each year. Dr. Lawanne’ S. Grant masterfully engages and energizes the leaders of our church challenging them to remain focus on THE vision, while developing departmental vision to compliment the goals of the overall organization.
    Dr. Darryl L. Grant, Senior Pastor
  8. I took the Profit your Passion for Profit online training and overall the class was absolutely exceptional! Dr. Grant gave me tools and strategies to accomplish my short-term and long-term business goals. She patiently walked me through each step explaining how to package and make a profit from my passion. I am so glad I was able to be apart of the class.
    Latoya Braxton, Empowered to Overcome, LLC
  9. I was somewhat overwhelmed with the recording and posting involved with the Public Speaking online class but it was a great experience! Dr. Grant was extremely patient and helpful. I learned a lot regarding what it takes to delivery an effective speech and how to connect with your audience. I'm grateful and appreciate you.
    Gloria Williams
  10. I attended Dr. Grant's annual event, THE CORPORATE LADY. I traveled from Columbia, SC and I'm happy I made the trip. All of the presenters were amazing and I was empowered to dismiss self-doubt. I'm not sure how she will top what she's already done, but I plan to attend next year. You owe it to yourself to be there!
    Tammy Jones, Goodman Jones Training & Consulting, LLC

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